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Served from 8th – 25th July, Feast of the Wise is a graduation dining celebration, a recognition of scholarly success and the beginning of a new chapter in life.

Aristotle, one of the most famous of all ancient philosophers, said ‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’. 2,300 years after the height of his teachings, we honour all great thinkers with a contemporary food odyssey, our tribute to the class of 2024.


A journey through exquisite cuisine with the very best bounty from the Aegean islands and wider region, our Feast of the Wise begins with Fresh Pita Bread and our beloved Houmous & Guacamole Bowl. Look to the next chapter to discover fried Halloumi Cheese Tempura with Yuzu, hollandaise espuma and shiso vinaigrette, and Chicken Antichuco. Orzo with Langoustine & Feta and Smoked Iberico Ribs move this epic on, concluding with our brand new Chocolate Crème Brulee. Or enjoy our Graduation lunch menu, at £31.50 for 3 chapters, 12 – 3pm.


Book to indulge in Fenix’s Feast of the Wise menu and the graduate will receive a complimentary glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne on arrival. At your table, discover rare ancient scrolls embellished with Aristotle’s most profound thoughts and theories, nodding to the symbolic act of burning letters to signify passing from one life chapter to another.

Add the booking code: FENIXGRADUATE to pre-order.

The perfect present for a graduate..